Storm Preparations

We got all the lawn furniture and other loose items in the yard put away yesterday. The only thing left to complete in out families preparation for Sandy is to finish charging all the batteries we keep for emergency power of items such as lights and amateur radio equipment. (My son [KB3GHE] and I [W3JJH] are ham radio operators and are prepared to participate in supporting emergency communications here in Carroll County.)

It’s a bit after 10 am as I type this. The rain has slowed and the wind died down to a stiff breeze. The trees in the front yard that were mostly full of leaves yesterday are almost bare now. Here’s our current radar image from the NWS.

I plan to keep blogging as long as we have power and Internet connection. The batteries can be used to keep an iPad or iPhone on the air, and we’ve got Internet via both landline and cellular carriers.

Stay tuned.

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