Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin’s Boss’s Web Presence

I’m just a bush league blogger, but if you google my name, you will find thousands of results, and the top entries will be things such as my Twitter account, my business web site, and this blog. Some folks are easy to find on the Internet. Finding Jeffrey R. Cohen, Bethesda, Maryland, is a bit more difficult.

First of all, there seem to be quite a few Jeffrey Cohens in Bethesda. Second, for a lawyer who is billed as “[n]ationally known entertainment attorney Jeff Cohen” and a “computer savvy” activist on the About Us page at the Justice Through Music Project, Mr. Cohen has a rather obscure web profile.

He does have a blog. The last entry was on 16 July, 2010. He posted under the name of Entrepreneurship, and describes himself this way in his profile:

I have practiced intellectual property and entertainment law for over 20 years. I’m married that long and have two wonderful children a daughter who is a student at the U of Michigan and a son who is going into his senior year and already interning with my entertainment mangement company and ad agency that I own

He has a Twitter account. It isn’t very active.

Searching for jcmotifs does turn up some results, including some rather foul-mouthed user comments at YouTube.

He has at least three businesses other than his law practice, Sumerian Records, Outerloop Management, and Music Biz Magazine. Sumerian Records has an active web page. It also has a strange logo which consists of the Sphinx and pyramids, an Egyptian theme for a Mesopotamian named outfit. Outerloop Management only has a “New Site Coming Soon” web page but does appear to be active with social media. Music Biz Magazine has no noticeable web presence. The phone number for all three businesses is the same as a number listed for Mr. Cohen’s law practice. The snail mail address for all three is the Arlington, Virginia, address of the law firm where Mr. Cohen practices (although it appears that he usually works out of his home in Bethesda, Maryland).

In an earlier post I pointed out that this Jeff Cohen is not the Jeff Cohen who is a former child actor who practices law in Los Angeles. I should also point out that he is not the lawyer named Jeff Cohen who is associated with the Tides Foundation.

I’m sure we will learn more about Mr. Cohen as the federal Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit develops.


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  1. I was wondering about him; I found his listing as a lawyer and nothing else. I bow to your superior google-fu!

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