On the Bus, Not Under It

The Chicago politicians in the White House think they’re tough, and they are. What they forget is that Arkansas politics can be tougher, and the Hillary Clinton, who grew up in the Chicago area, learned her lessons well as a political wife in Little Rock.

She’s not going to let the White House throw her under the bus for Benghazi.

1 thought on “On the Bus, Not Under It

  1. You know, I told a friend of mine, the same thing. The Clintons have long memories. And if anyone thinks for one second that the Clintons have forgotten what went down during the 2008 primaries, they are sadly mistaken. I’m willing to bet that they are giving Issa whatever they have to, in order to extracate Hillary from this. And unlike the media, I suspect the Clintons DID vet Obama back in 2008. In fact, I bet they have the really good stuff, just sitting around…waiting to be leaked.

    Obama and Biden just declared war with the Clintons. This is HUGE. And it’s October…

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