Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin Default’s on Logic

In the previous episode of the Saga of TDPK, we looked at the first part of TDPK’s Response in Opposition to Plaintiff’s Reconsideration of Default Against Defendant Ron Brynaert which he filed against a motion by Aaron Walker’s lawyer.

<mockery>Here’s part two which consists of paragraph 3:

3. Default is also inappropriate because the complaint fails to state a valid claim …


… and this court has no jurisdiction over the defendants since they did not commit any acts in Prince William County.

Interesting the way that was worded. Instead of something like “none of the acts alleged occurred in Prince William County,” it says, “… did not commit any acts in Prince William County.” So where were the acts committed?

The idea that the court has no jurisdiction in pure nonsense. Of course, it does. IANAL, but my understanding of the doctrine of proper law would require that if a single act had occurred in one place at one time, then the courts for that place would be the proper place to sue. However, when multiple events occur in different places at different times, there is no one place to sue. In that case, the plaintiff can exercise a choice. That may wind up causing a Virginia court to rule on whether a New York law was broken, but a court in one state can do that sort of fact finding and apply another state’s law.

TDPK lucked out with this filing. Because the motion it opposes wound up moot, the judge isn’t going to have to bother with this. At some point, the judge may tire of the court’s time being wasted with frivolous nonsense.</mockery>

There’s so much more to mine from TDPK’s history and his legal writings. Since it’s going to take a while for him and his crew to be brought to justice, we might as well have a good time during the process. Sure, TDPK has been and still might be dangerous, but he’s also ludicrous, and he deserves every bit of ridicule we can muster.

So kick back, get yourself a snack, and stay tuned. And if popcorn and Jujubes don’t tickle your fancy, Raisinettes are also an approved snack.

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