BREAKING: Closes Down #BrettKimberlin

Two days after being added as a defendant in the federal Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. civil suit, John Doe 1 is pulling the plug.

More later. Stay tuned.

UPDATE–I’ve downloaded the latest filing in the federal lawsuit from PACER. I should have more to report about John Doe 1 soon.

UPDATE 2—As promised, more here.

3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Closes Down #BrettKimberlin

  1. He pretty much says that he is shutting down because of the Federal lawsuit and is accusing AW of hypocracy for interfering with HIS 1st amendment rights. Accuse the accuser. Typical

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  3. If you believe that someone is unjustly trying to silence you, isn’t shutting down your website just capitulating to that evil?

    I’m sure the real reason is that the proprietor of bbu is smashing backup discs, and hammering hard drives as we speak. It is hard to run a website given those restraints.

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