Romney Gets Real, MSM Yells, “Squirrel!”

Mother Jones posted a video of Mitt Romney making a realistic assessment that the folks eating taxpayer-supplied bread at the taxpayer-supported circus aren’t likely to vote for someone who believes that everyone should pay his own fair share.

The Main Stream Media has pounced on the non-story in hope of having something to talk about other than foreign policy screwups in the Middle East and the economic policies that added some many people to the dole.

Is it November yet?

6 thoughts on “Romney Gets Real, MSM Yells, “Squirrel!”

  1. There is nothing in that video that is not correct. Micky Kaus imposes new rule on the media: You can only declare Romney’s candidacy dead once. Use it wisely.

  2. Middle East screw ups? How exactly was Obama supposed to control events in the Middle East? Do you not remember terrorist attacks happening under Bush? How is saying you don’t care about the bottom half of society a “non-story”? 9 out of the 10 states with the lowest number of people who pay income tax voted Republican. What do you make of that?

    • Of course, the events in the Middle East are beyond the President’s control, but the principal screwup is that they are mostly beyond his influence as well. Yes, I remember the terrorist attacks during the Bush years. They occurred fairly early on, before we had turned around from Clinton’s policies.

      Perhaps, you could point to where Mitt Romney said that he didn’t care about folks on the lower half of society. I can’t find it. I did hear him say that they are so likely to vote for Barack Obama that it is unlikely that the Romney campaign can appeal to them. That is not the same as saying he doesn’t care about them.

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      • Romney said his “job is not to worry about those people.” He also implied that Obama had bought the votes of the 47% even though this includes seniors, a majority of whom vote Republican. A majority of the white working class support Republicans while paying little income tax, so it is a complete exaggeration to say Romney has given up on this part of the electorate. If he did he might as well concede.

        • Not having the direct responsibility for worrying about some people does not mean that one doesn’t care for them.

          Well, yes, politicians “buy” votes. Barack Obama is no exception.

          The root problem is that the government spends too much of GDP and that not enough people pay their fair share. Federal spending has run around 23 percent of GDP recently. I’ve been paying roughly 24 percent of my adjusted gross income in federal taxes (Income, FICA, Medicare, etc.), and while I don’t begrudge anyone’s paying as little tax as he legally can, I believe folks who paid a lesser percentage (even Mitt Romney) as not having paid their fair share.

          As for Mr. Romney’s chances in November, I figure he’ll get 315 electoral votes. We’ll see.

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