Democrats and the Battleship Potemkin

20120912-104907.jpgThe Navy Times reports that the warships pictured in the backdrop used during the salute to veterans at the Democrats’ convention were vessels of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Black Sea Fleet? Wasn’t the battleship Potemkin part of the Black Sea Fleet? Perhaps they should have shown clips from the Eisenstein movie. Nah, there was enough over-the-top leftie stuff as it was. And they didn’t need anything else reminding folks that they’re a Potemkin village of a political party.

Is it November yet?

UPDATE–Former sailor Smitty is not amused.

I guess you can’t expect your non-squid to know what a Slava-class cruiser looks like, but hey: I haven’t been to sea in better than a decade, either, and I’m betting that Admiral John Nathman bought that crappy backdrop sight unseen.
This is either a tasteless prank, or a piece of colossal incompetence, neither of which is a savory possibility.

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