#BrettKimberlin’s Lawfare Explained in One Sentence

Stacy McCain explains what’s behind Team Kimberlin’s harassment of bloggers:

The details of their accusations are irrelevant to the purpose — i.e., to obstruct justice by attempting to discredit anyone who might possibly pose a threat to Kimberlin’s tax-exempt hustle.

All else is commentary.

UPDATE—Instalanche! Thank you, Prof. Reynolds, and welcome Instapundit readers. There’s more info about Team Kimberlin to be found on the site. Please feel free to click on the Home link in the menu bar and scroll around.

3 thoughts on “#BrettKimberlin’s Lawfare Explained in One Sentence

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  2. Is Kimberlin’s purpose merely to keep up a tax-exempt financial scam, or is it to shut down all dissent against the left?

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