#BrettKimberlin Post of the Day

Brett Kimberlin has been engaging in lawfare against people who have the effrontery to write the truth about him and his background. He views that as harassment. Fortunately, some of the folks Mr. Kimberlin has gone after are pushing back. Of course, he views this as unfair. He reminds me of the a bully who whines when he gets hit back.

The most vigorous pushback is coming from Aaron Walker who is suing Mr. Kimberlin in both Virginia and federal courts. Over the next few days, we’ll take a look at some of the court filings and other documents that relate to that case. Mr. Kimberlin has said that he doesn’t intend to cooperate with discovery in the case. Here is the Motion to Compel Discovery filed by Mr. Walker’s lawyer.

There will be a hearing in a few days on this motion.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, …

UPDATE–Those of you not familiar with Brett Kimberlin can find a short introduction here. There’s a detailed account of his interaction with Aaron Walker here.

UPDATE–Pattericolanche! Thank you, Mr. Frey, and welcome to Patterico’s Pontifications readers. There’s lots more on the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. case. Click on the Home link in the menu bar and scroll around.

3 thoughts on “#BrettKimberlin Post of the Day

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