Sexual Rights … and Wrongs

Stacy McCain has a thought provoking piece up entitled The Problem With Sexual “Rights”. He discusses how behaviors that were not too long ago universally viewed as perversions are now seen as protected “rights.” It’s provoked me to have several thoughts on the subject, and I’ll share one of them after you’ve read his essay. Go read it. Now. I’ll wait …

To begin, let me say that I have religious-based objections to the sorts of behaviors that Mr. McCain writes about, but, putting those objections aside, I have thoroughly secular objections as well. I’ll stick to one of them for this post.

There are four basic functions of biological organisms. These are replication (they have offspring), heritability (they pass on genetic material to their offspring), catalysis (they have a common set of chemical processes), and energy use or metabolism (they all burn carbon through similar processes).

It seems to me that, of all the perverse behaviors which sexual oddballs claim to be allowed by their “rights,” not one leads to replication of the species. Members of a species that don’t engage in reproductive activity remove themselves from the gene pool. If a sufficient percentage of the members of a species refuse to reproduce, the species will die out. To argue that one was “born that way” is to argue that one is genetically defective. If that’s the case, such a person should be treated with the same dignity and respect that we have for others who have a genetic disorder. OTOH, if the person is simply engaging in non-benefical behaviors for reasons of self-gratification, I don’t understand why such behavior should be socially acceptable. Perhaps a few of these behaviors shouldn’t be illegal, but not every thing that is legal is honorable.

The case of the convict in Massachusetts who wants a “sex-change” operation brings up the point that all the cosmetic surgery in the world will not eliminate the Y-chromosome in his genome. He won’t have ovaries. He won’t be a woman. Ever. He’ll be living a falsehood, a lie.

Popeye got it right. “I yam what I yam, and tha’s all what I yam.”

One of these days, the real world will tire of the liberal push for wrongheaded rights, and folks may start remembering some other words of Popeye’s. “That’s all I can stands, cuz I can’t stands n’more!”

UPDATE—It’s symbolic of his struggle against reality.

1 thought on “Sexual Rights … and Wrongs

  1. Late to this party, but I think that it was Bertrand Russell who wrote:
    The only truly unnatural sexual perversity, is abstinence.

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