A Major Policy Statement (As If It Matters)

While reading a post by Darth Chipmunk, I decided to offer my comments on the controversy surrounding the National Bloggers Club. Points have been raised both for and against the organization, and most of the issues revolve around Ali Akbar. There are bloggers that I respect on both sides of the issue. I’m somewhere in the middle. For now. Let me explain.

Mr. Akbar has had some trouble in the past, and what some view as his lack of candor has caused people to withdraw or question their support. I understand and respect their points of view, and that causes me to approach NBC with caution. For example, I made a small donation immediately after Stacy McCain made his move to an undisclosed location, but I have not given anything else. Instead, I have been hitting the tip jars for individual bloggers and donating to the Blogger Defense Team.

Stacy McCain has posted his take on Ali Akbar. His defense of Mr. Akbar is based on personal knowledge of him going back to 2009. Mr. McCain views the issue as a distraction from more pressing matters.

I’m in the middle. Because of his background, I’m not willing to fully endorse Mr. Akbar or the NBC. On the other hand, to the extent that he and the NBC can be useful in achieving our common goals (dealing with Team Kimberlin or electing conservatives), I welcome such efforts. It’s a bit like my experience in the Pro-Life movement. Two people who hold very different religious beliefs (an Orthodox Rabbi and an Imam, for example) may work side-by-side to elect a Pro-Life candidate.

I’ve posted a defense of the NBC from an attack by Team Kimberlin for not filing all the paperwork for recognition as a 501(c)(3) entity by the IRS. They still have several months to get that done. I sincerely hope that they do. I’ll be watching.

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