When the Revolution Comes …

I’m a bit of a gun nut, and I’m generally encouraged by the broadening demographics of gun ownership in America. However, not every trend that I see appears healthy. I’m beginning to see more and more stuff about folks preparing for some sort of disruption centered around the election. Elizabeth Scalia has a post at Patheos that deals with her neighbors arming themselves because of a fear that Barack Obama will suspend the upcoming election.


As one of her commenters points out, the President would have trouble getting the Secretaries of State in all 57 50 states to go along.

And don’t get started on martial law. Please. The idiot fringe brings it up from time to time, but it’s simply impractical on a nationwide scale. Allow me to explain by way of an example.

Back in the days of Watergate, an acquaintance was sitting at my kitchen table ranting about how Nixon was going to declare martial law. After a while I got tired of listening, so I got up, went to a closet, and returned to the kitchen with a revolver and a shotgun. “No,” I said. “It won’t happen.” He replied, “Now I understand why you’re a member of the NRA.”

A coup via martial law in the United States would be doomed. As some believe Admiral Yamamoto said, “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

Will there be chaos in the streets? Maybe. Someday. But I doubt that the coming election will cause any such problem. Take a deep breath and get on with living.

And don’t buy a gun for the wrong reason.

UPDATE–In answer to an email: No and yes. No, I sold the Ruger .357 about 30 years ago. Yes, I still have the Mossberg shotgun. It was my mother’s, and I intend to hand it down to my son one day.

14 thoughts on “When the Revolution Comes …

  1. You are absolutely correct. We are not going to have a coup. At least not one I can foresee.

    Why should people own firearms? Really the question is why shouldn’t you. But let me give you one reason (and I know I am preaching to the choir, but just in case someone wanders in and doesn’t know). We have a hurricane that may strike New Orleans again in a day or two. Hopefully things go fine and damage is minimal, but could a levy break again? You betcha. Natural disasters happen all the time and if severe enough you can expect looting. The police are over taxed now. You have to be ready to care for yourself.

    Today is the anniversary of Krakatoa in 1883. Because of volcano induced cooling, that resulted in crop failures and turmoils world wide. There was an even more significant Indonesian volcano in 1816 that caused wild spread crisis in the New England and the “year without summer.” Ever wonder why Mormons are encouraged to stock two years worth of provisions? Joseph Smith’s family had to move from Vermont to Palmyra, NY as a result of that weather cycle and suffered badly during it.

    • Looting after a natural (or man-made) disaster doesn’t really concern me given the neighborhood where I live. Considering the percentage of households in our area with firearms, I seriously doubt there would be any significant looting in our town.

      Looting around here would be asking to be nominated for a Darwin Award.

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  3. TO: Hoge
    RE: Maybe Not….

    But I doubt that the coming election will cause any such problem. — Hoge

    ….but then again….Maybe….

    The challenge is to be prepared BEFORE it happens. Not try to play ‘catch-up’ SHOULD it happen.

    Take a deep breath and get on with living. — Hoge

    One can do all three….(1) deep breath, (2) get on with living and (3) prepare for the worst.

    It’s not like we aren’t multi-functional.


    [God is alive….and Airborne-Ranger qualified.]

    P.S. So am I…..

    • Chuck, I’m an Eagle Scout, so it’s safe to assume that I understand the meaning of “Be Prepared.” As for Airborne qualification … I never saw the use of throwing away a perfectly good airplane that far off the ground. I have been through ejection seat training though.

      • Well….considering some the experiences I’ve had with a no-go jumps and returning to land with the aircraft…..

        …..getting out in mid-air is better.

        On one occasion, the pilot dropping the wheel off the edge of the runway while landing caused one of the paras to toss his cookies onto the one across from him. [NOTE: In a C130, we’re packed in so tight the load master walks on the laps of the paras to get from one end of the aircraft to the other.]

        This resulted in a chain-reaction. A ‘cascade’ effect, up and down the aircraft. [NOTE: It had been a rough flight. High winds on the DZ prevented the jump.]

        The load master was not a happy-camper, having the clean up the results of almost 64 stomachs being emptied in his plane.

        The troops were particularly happy either….

        P.S. Being prepared is essential.

        I’m not too much concerned for your own sake. I suspected you were one to think ahead.

        I’m more concerned for the others who are just beginning to ‘catch on’.

  4. TO: Hoge
    RE: The Secretaries of State

    As one of her commenters points out, the President would have trouble getting the Secretaries of State in all 57 50 states to go along. — Hoge

    Interest that you should mention that.

    Did you hear about the efforts on the part of the Democrats to seize all of the secretary of state positions in all 50 states?

    And let’s not forget all the fun and games about election/voter fraud perpetrated by the Democrats.

    Hope that helps.


    [Don’t you just LOVE IT when a ‘Plan’ comes together?]

    • Fortunately, a significant number of the Secretaries of State are elected Republicans. If the good guys have a sufficiently high turnout, there won’t be enough dead voters to steal the election.

      • Yes. They are. Including my own.

        BUT that doesn’t discredit the Democrats efforts to seize more of them….most likely, in my professional and personal opinion….of perpetrating election/voter fraud.

        The report is that in my county in 2008, 8000 ballots ‘disappeared’.

  5. TO: Hoge
    RE: The ‘Indicators’ Keep Piling Up

    Today, it seems that this administration is claiming that a bunch of former military types formed a ‘militia’ and were planning to (1) poison apple crops, (2) blow up a dam in Washington and (3) overthrow the government.

    You can check out the allegation HERE!

    WHY am I reminded of the Hutaree militia fiasco, wherein the most egregious charges were dropped because the government couldn’t prove their case?

    This is, in my professional and personal opinion, another of this—clinically paranoid—administrations efforts to make the men and women who swore to “….uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic….” look like the enemy. But they’ve been trying this meme for years via the DHS.

    What’s my point?

    That maybe….just MAYBE, the concerns of some of US are justified.

    The last part of my military career was preparing State Area Commands (STARCs), the state Adjutants General, i.e., the state National Guard commanders and their staffs, for national emergencies—think Gulf Wars—and natural disasters—think Katrinas.

    We took information from various sources and built realistic scenarios to drive the exercises.

    We were so good at it that we ended up foreseeing Iraq invading Kuwait in the Spring of 1990, while preparing an exercise for Idaho STARC. On 2 August 1990, all our plans came to pass. The exercise was OBE [Overcome By Events] and became a ‘live fire’ exercise instead of table-top for Idaho…..and other states.

    Here, I’m seeing the sort of propaganda designed to make people as ‘paranoid’ as this administration is becoming.

    Poisoning apples??!?!? Sakes! Dumber than dirt. And designed specifically to panic people who don’t have two synapses to rub together. To what end? Get them to rat-out their former military neighbors. Or people like you, who are ‘prepared’.


    [Chance favors the prepared mind. — Louis Pastuer]

    • P.S. If my understanding is correct, we’ll see the DHS—or its subsidiaries—claiming that anyone who is a ‘prepper’ is a threat to this administration…..

  6. Yes, brother, always “Be Prepared”. Still, I can not forget the oath I took back in the early seventies “…to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic….” I do not recall that Oath having any expiration date. We do keep a couple of months worth of food (mostly beans & rice, oil,corn meal, and canned goods ) on hand at the house, and with a couple thousand rounds of ammo, and fishing tackle at hand, I doubt that starvation would be a major concern at our house should the SHTF.
    Will the dictatorial wannabe try to disrupt the November election? AH ! my crystal ball is cloudy.

    “The Dark Side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is.”

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