The Raaaaacism Industrial Complex

Fifty years ago, great men with real moral authority were leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, men the likes of Thurgood Marshall and Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, the nation has changed, and one change is the growth and development of what can be described as the Racism Industrial Complex. Its members are a group of “community leaders” and left-wing pundits who use the echoes of past legitimate grievances to paint current events to their political advantage. It may not be well grounded in reality, but it’s a way to make a living.

Smitty appears to have had enough of these people, and he expresses his frustration today with a partial fisking of a piece by Jamelle Bouie. Mr. Bouie’s essay at The American Prospect asserts race is a principal driver in Republican opposition to Barack Obama. Smitty points out that the opposition to the President is principled and that it is very unlikely conservatives such as Allen West and Thomas Sowell … oh, go read Smitty’s post.

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