Left-Wing Hate Groups

Donald Douglas wonders if the Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group (H/T, Stacy McCain). That’s a serious question, and I believe that the answer is probably yes. They seem to be telling lies about various persons and organizations for the purpose of stirring up ill will (and collecting tax-exempt contributions). That sure smells like a hate group to me.

And that probably makes me a bigot.

Of course, as Senator Blutarsky says, it’s much easier to be a bigot now that just a few years ago. For example, simply believing the traditional teachings of most Christian churches will do these days.

The conduct of all hate groups is shameful, but most of them, the SPLC included, seem to have no shame. Still, some of their potential donors may have some sense of shame, and may not wish to be associated with these groups if their actions receive enough attention. We need to find more ways to shine some daylight on them.

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