Even the MSM Is Noticing

Dan Balz has a piece at WaPo about how nasty the Presidential campaign is this year. While he complains about both sides, he clearly thinks that the Democrats are much further over the line. (H/T, Powerline) The similarities between the meanness of the Carter and Obama reelection campaigns are striking.

Speaking of Powerline, Paul Mirengoff takes a look at some Gallup data that partially explains the panic on the left.

Economy: 36 percent approve; 60 percent disapprove
Creating jobs: 37 percent approve; 58 percent disapprove
The budget: 30 percent approve; 64 percent disapprove

Moreover, Barack Obama’s approval rating on the economy is 10 points lower than George W. Bush’s was at this time in 2004. That doesn’t point to a successful reelection.

A huge ad budget over the past few months didn’t move the polls in the President’s favor. Unemployment is up. The recovery is stuck in first gear. And Mitt Romney has picked a running mate who shows a seriousness about economic matters.

Is it November yet?

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