I’ll Take a Sporting Interest

Smitty offers to bet John Hinderaker the beverage of his choice that Joe Biden gets replaced on the Democratic ticket this fall. I don’t think so, and I’ll put a dinner at Chick-fil-A on the line, Smitty. Baring the possibility of a genuine health problem (Mr. Biden will be 70 on 20 November), I believe that he’ll stay on the ticket.

I’ve pointed out Joe Biden’s perceived value as a life insurance policy, and others have suggested that the President’s narcissism would prevent him from admitting that he made a poor choice in 2008. Also, I’ve heard rumblings that the connection between Barack Obama and Joe Biden go back to 1995 when Mr. Obama was just getting started in politics, and the Senator Biden was very helpful to the younger man. If that’s the case, the personal connection (and the life insurance angle) will keep VP Biden on the ticket.

We’ll see.

Smitty also wonders who would replace Joe Biden if it came to that. If she weren’t running for the Senate, I’d guess Elizabeth Warren. How about Martin O’Malley? Or maybe one of the Udall cousins (Senators Mark and Tom)? Nah, he’ll keep Joe.

Is it November yet?

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