Expanding Lies

A Democrat Super PAC is running an ad that show Rep. Allen West hitting  white women. Video here. The ad also accuses him of not only keeping taxes low on high income earners but also of raising taxes on the middle class. That’s the same riff I heard in an Obama sound bite on NPR today. Of course, there’s no coordination between the Super PAC and the reelection campaign. That would be illegal.

Karen at The Lonely Conservative comments:

But I’m sure we won’t hear any sort of outrage over this progressive Super PAC ad that depicts Congressman Allen West punching a white woman. It gets even worse, the ad also shows him taking money away from a middle class black family. If this isn’t a racist ad, I don’t know what is, but again, I doubt we’ll hear much from the race baiters on this one. Disgusting.

I expect more such trash as the panic deepens on the left. When you have nothing in your own record to run on, lies about your opponents are all that remains.

UPDATE—Dr. Angela West speaks up for her husband.

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