Religious Bigotry As a Campaign Tool

The rumor mill is starting to grind out a meme of a September attack on Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs. Given the way the Obama campaign has behaved to date, that makes sense. It’s also a massively dumb idea.

Don’t you think that Mitt Romney is expecting such an attack and is prepared for it? Mormon missionaries often run into folks like me who not only don’t believe their religion but also actively argue with them. Mr. Romney has not only served his two years as a missionary, he has served as a church leader supporting an mentoring missionaries. You can bet that he’s heard all the questions that will be asked and that he has what he feels is a reasonable defense of his beliefs.

Attacking Catholics and other religious believers over their beliefs on abortion hasn’t helped the Obama reelection campaign. It may have energized some of his base, but it hasn’t brought other voters into his fold. An attack on another religious group may serve to paint the President as an enemy of religious folks, and that could be very costly on Election Day.

OTOH, the President may feel the secular humanist vote is slipping away as well.

Is it November yet?

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