Hold Your Fire!

Breitbart has a post up about how some of the MSM’s coverage of the shootings in Aurora are misfiring, getting facts wrong and tying the wrong people to the story. It is better to be correct than first to publish.

I learned that while working in radio news. I was the evening newscaster at WLAC, then the number 1 R&B station in the country, on the night of the Martin Luther King assassination. I had few facts but many rumors available. By sticking to what could be verified, I didn’t have much to say, but at least I didn’t do anything to make a terrible situation worse.

Slow down, guys!

UPDATE–Link fixed.

UPDATE 2–For a demonstration of how a breaking story evolves, check out Stacy McCain’s coverage which has 16 updates as of 12:30 pm ET.

UPDATE 3–To how the left begins to spin this kind of story, check out this at PJ Media following posts and tweets this morning.

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