You Didn’t Build That

“You didn’t build that,” said the President, and that speech may be the point at which he lost the election by energizing the people who are trying to build something and causing them to actively support someone pledging to get the government out of their way. It was a stupid thing to say. It’s easy to refute with historical examples. Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company or Steve Jobs and Apple have been cited over and over.

But if the President really believes what he says about how entrepreneurs have to rely on government largesse, let him go to Tuskegee and say that of Booker T. Washington.

UPDATE–Charles Murray (H/T, Vodkapundit) views the President’s remarks this way:

That brings me back to the creepiness of it all. It is as if a Dutch politician—an intelligent, well-meaning Dutch politician—were somehow running for the American presidency, but bringing with him the Rawlsian, social-democratic ethos that, in the Netherlands, is the natural way to talk about a properly run society. We would listen to him and say to ourselves, “He doesn’t get this country.” That’s the thing about Obama. Time and again, he does things and says things that are un-American. Not evil. Not anti-American. Just un-American.

You know, that might explain a whole lot about Barack Obama. Is he someone who was born among us but who never really joined our tribe?

UPDATE 2–Un-American is a term that may have the wrong connotation to some people. Perhaps non-American is a better way to describe some of the things Barack Obama says and does. In either case, we are led to this question …

Is it November yet?



UPDATE 4–Ed Morrissey reports that the Democrats seem to be choosing to double down on stupid with Elizabeth Warren (aka Fauxcahontas) reinforcing the “you didn’t do that” message to businesses. She and the President don’t seem to understand that the money they want to use as government “investments” must come from taxes, taxes collected by removing potential investment capital from the real world economy.

But hey, I hope Warren and Obama continue to make that argument all the way to the election. We can have a contest to see how Americans perceive our nation — as a nation of government that creates and tolerates small business, or a nation of markets that funds government. In fact, I think the competition between those visions is exactly what this election is all about, and it’s good that Democrats like Obama and Warren are finally being honest about it.


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