Aaron Walker v. #BrettKimberlin et al.

Aaron Walker has posted his Virginia complaint against Team Kimberlin. He’s asking that they be enjoined from certain forms of harassment and asking for $2 million in damages. (That’s letting them off cheap these days.)

Mr. Walker is also going after Brett Kimberlin in federal court.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—Stacy McCain points out one of the bits of irony in the Walker v. Kimberlin et al. suit—harassing someone until he does something stupid enough to warrant criminal charges or a civil suit is one of the tactics advocated by Neal Rauhauser:

We’re dealing with people who have likely had no interaction with the court system beyond a traffic ticket; the potential for a pro se litigant to force them into expensive, long distance, lengthy, discovery laden litigation doesn’t seem to cross their minds.

Mr. Rauhauser is among the et al. of the lawsuit. Looks as if his tactic may have backfired. BTW, Aaron Walker is a lawyer with experience in civil litigation.

2 thoughts on “Aaron Walker v. #BrettKimberlin et al.

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  2. “BTW, Aaron Walker is a lawyer with experience in civil litigation.”

    And time on his hands, since because of Kimberlin’s harassment, he lost his job when his employer was spooked at the thought of crossing a dangerous convicted domestic terrorist who planted bombs to hurt random victims. It seems Aaron is putting his time to good use – Bravo!

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