Mitt Romney: Man of His Word

Andrew Klavan writes:

I’m beginning to suspect Mitt Romney is an actual real live man of integrity. This is no small thing.

I concur.

David Brooks has recently written about what happens when members of the New Elite run the show. Smarts are not the same thing as wisdom, and, as we can plainly see, Ivy League degrees are no guarantee of honesty and fair dealing. Mr. Brooks recalls the days when what he calls the WASP Establishment ran things with a sense of duty, humility, and strict adherence to integrity. Of course, things weren’t perfect, but at least the kind of corruption we have seen of late was viewed as shameful.

Inspite of his Harvard MBA and JD, Mitt Romney seems to have held on to the lessons of honor, decency, and service he received from his family. These are important qualities for a President to possess.

Is it November yet?

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