A Whiff of Desperation

This whole Bain Capital meme and the brouhaha over when Mitt Romney was or wasn’t actually running the company stinks. And the aroma is that of desperation overlaid with panic. Surely, the Obama campaign has access to lawyers who understand SEC filings and what they must contain. That being the case, they should have known that the felony riff they have been jamming on for the last couple of days is bogus.

Apparently, they’re just figuring that out, and the walkback is beginning. Getting caught in such an outrageous lie doesn’t reflect well on the campaign or their candidate.

Paul Mirengoff at Powerline offers this comment:

I doubt that the Obama camp would risk hurting the Obama “brand” in this fashion if it didn’t believe he is in big trouble. He is, and over-the-top attacks on the other guy are likely to dig the hole deeper. After all, Obama’s “brand,” not his policies or accomplishments, is what might win him reelection.

Well, yes, the President certainly doesn’t have a record of great accomplishment on the economy or much else. The economy “recovered” from the recession by the middle of 2009—before a single cent of his “stimulus” was spent wasted. The economic drag of multiple trillion dollar deficits, uncertainty about the cost of health care, and rampant overregulation have kept economic growth at a piddling level. Unemployment has stayed above 8 % for a record length of time. Indeed, at the current rate of recovery, we won’t have employment back to 2007 levels until late 2014!

So the President’s campaign tries to convince us that he would be better than Mitt Romney in guiding the economy “as a whole” by telling lies about Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney has responded by saying that the Bain attacks are “beneath the dignity of the Presidency.”

Are you better off now than you were four years five trillion dollars ago? Is it November yet?

UPDATE—Darth Chipmunk may have an even lower opinion of the situation than I have.

UPDATE 2–Stacy McCain examine one of the reasons for the panic here and here.

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