#BrettKimberlin and Chutzpah

I want to be left alone. I don’t want to start more litigation.

A week ago, I was in a courtroom in Rockville, Maryland, when I heard Brett Kimberlin say those words. Left alone to do what?

Here’s a fellow who has a criminal background. He received a sentence of over 50 years for various crimes. He served about one-third of his time and was paroled, had his parole revoked, and did some more time before being paroled a second time. It would be one thing if he were to continue to claim that he was innocent and unjustly convicted, but Mr. Kimberlin has from time to time denied ever being imprisoned for the crimes he was convicted of committing. He has shown no remorse for anything. He has made no restitution to his victims. What we see here is a convicted perjurer who continues to lie about his background. We see someone who does not appear to be living a reformed life.

Many people would be inclined not to trust such a man. Yet, Mr. Kimberlin asserts that bringing up information about his past is harassment. Simply asking questions about possible involvement in a crime is harassment. I heard this exchange in court (B is Reginald Bours, Aaron Walker’s lawyer; K is Brett Kimberlin):

B: And have you caused Mr. Walker to be SWATted by the Fairfax County or the Prince William County Police?
K: That is a despicable claim, and—
B: Yes or no.
K: —I resent it. I resent it! He knows I didn’t. And you know I didn’t. And you’re trying to again harass me, you are harassing me, just like—
B: I’m asking [begin crosstalk] if you are responsible for someone calling the police,[end crosstalk]
K: No! You’re harassing me. This man, this man, this man.
B: Excuse me sir, I am asking you, yes or no, are you responsible—
K: No! Absolutely not.

Brett Kimberlin is running a couple of not-for-profits that support left wing causes. In doing so, he opens himself up for investigation of his bona fides. Is he the kind of person one would trust in such a position?

Of course, Brett Kimberlin wants to be left alone. Shining the light of truth in his direction exposes who he was and still appears to be, and that doesn’t fit his business model.

UPDATE–Bob Belvedere writes:

Poor convicted domestic terrorist bomber, drug-dealer, chief suspect in the murder of a grandmother, suspected pedophile Brett Kimberlin…all he vants is to get his Garbo on …

Read the whole thing, but one thing needs to be corrected. Brett Kimberlin did not leave the Norton hearing in a “Waaahmbulance.”

UPDATE 2–Stacy McCain says:

Brett Kimberlin is a vicious liar, a coward and a bully who dishonestly claims victimhood while he unjustly harasses those who speak the truth about him. Yet he has the unmitigated gall to stand in a courtroom and tell a judge that he only wants to be left alone!

UPDATE 3—I was remiss in not crediting the hearing quotes to Aaron Walker who published them here.

UPDATE 4–I’m just a guy on the sideline, cheering for the good guys, but on the sideline still. While I was at the 5 July hearing for Aaron Walker, I was not at the Norton hearing. My correction to the Waaahmbulance story is based on what I have heard from others.

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