Good Question


UPDATE—Working link here. Takes you to Mr. Geraghty original post at NRO.

UPDATE 2—Instalanche! Thanks, Prof. Reynolds! And welcome to all you Instapundit readers. Feel free to click on the HOME link in the menu bar and scroll around the site.

UPDATE 3—Last month, I posted about how we have wasted two generations in Low Earth Orbit after the Apollo missions. Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt are still the last men to walk on the Moon.

UPDATE 4—And in other outsourcing news …

UPDATE 5–Ed Morrissey has some thoughts on outsourcing here.

UPDATE 6–Outsourcing, My Experience

5 thoughts on “Good Question

  1. I truly hope you have the influence to get to Romney and have him save that quote for the debates where O dumbass brings it up.The look on O’s face will be priceless.

  2. The Russians are hauling freight and Astros because the Congress would rather employ present NASA Managers who know nothing but Shuttle Technology from 40 years in the past. This is instead of putting money into the commercial crew capsules, the reusable space tugs and lunar and martian landers we’d be able to send to the Moon and Mars with the Falcon Heavy, or the Atlas Heavy, when propellant depots are used.

    The commercial groups could be delivering crew to ISS today if the spiral development of pre-Constellation had been maintained, and they had been given the money flushed down the toilet of Constellation under Space Act Agreements, instead of cost+ contracts. Instead, Constellation, and its zombie revivals, the Senate Launch System and MPCV, ate the lunch of every other alternative to themselves.

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