#NealRauhauser, Natsec Editor

Stacy McCain has a post up about Neal Rauhauser’s claim that

… policy intel for 700+ Congressional staffers runs through a system I built and I back up the natsec editor. I hear stuff average bear does not.

Uh, huh.

If you read down to the UPDATE, you see that the system he is probably talking about is a blog called Progressive Congress News. To find out what Progressive Congress News really is click here. A bit of fisking is in order.

… system I built … probably means that he did some coding. The link above says that

Progressive Congress News utilizes existing online tools, as well as internally-developed software, to create an aggregated news feed for Congressional staff, activists, and politically-engaged citizens.

Sounds like a left-wing RSS feed or some such.

… back up the natsec editor … probably means that when the real guy went on vacation that they let Mr. Rauhauser post something.

I hear stuff average bear does not. They have meds for that.

This guy is truly a legend in his own mind.

UPDATE–I’m beginning to see tweets and posts interpreting this as Neal Rauhauser claiming to have access to national security information. I sincerely doubt that would be true. Even to have access to a federal government non-classified computer system requires a background check that I doubt Mr. Rauhauser could pass. If 20 % of the stuff I read about his background is true, a check for access to classified information would quickly turn up items that would possibly result in his immediate arrest. If he is being given access without a clearance, someone is risking a long time in jail. If Mr. Rauhauser is claiming access to classified information, I hereby award that claim a genuine Paul Klipsch lapel button.

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