WOOT! #BrettKimberlin Loses!

Judge Rupp ruled that there was no evidence to support Brett Kimberlin’s petition for a Peace Order.

Part of the way through his presentation Kimberlin accused Mr. Walker of mobilizing an Army of Davids (who he viewed as a right wing militia) against him. How about that, Prof. Reynolds?

UPDATE–Instalanche! Thank you, Prof. Reynolds! and welcome Instapundit readers! Feel free to click on the Home link in the menu bar and scroll around for other coverage.

UPDATE 2—I wrote some first impressions of the morning as I stopped for a cup of coffee on the way home. Here are some more thoughts:

I was not the only person who showed up to support Aaron Walker. There were a couple of well-wishers from the local area who were there along with a member of Mr. Walker’s family. The only person who showed up with Brett Kimberlin was Neal Rauhauser.

Today was the first time that I’ve met Aaron Walker face-to-face. I like him. He strikes me as a straight forward guy.

Today was also the first time that I have ever seen Brett Kimberlin. I had no personal contact with him, and he didn’t make much of an impression. He seemed frustrated by Judge Rupp’s insistence on sticking to the Rules of Evidence.

Let me second Aaron Walker’s request about contacting or harassing Mr. Kimberlin. Please don’t do it. Brett Kimberlin and his family have as much right to be left alone as anyone else. Don’t contact or harass him. Don’t contact or harass his family. Let the courts sort out the issues.

OTOH, Mr. Kimberlin has become a public person, and, as such, he is not immune from being discussed in a truthful manner in public fora. I intend to do so until these matters are settled. Remember, Aaron Walker’s federal lawsuit against Brett Kimberlin is still pending.

UPDATE 3—The guy in the courtroom who I didn’t recognize must have been David Hogberg. He has his report on the hearing here.

UPDATE 4—Aaron Walker’s account is here.

UPDATE 5—There’s other good coverage of Kimberlin v. Walker out there in the blogosphere:

The Camp of the Saints
Legal Isurrection

And there’s an interesting backgrounder on Brett Kimberlin at The Other McCain.

UPDATE 6—I just got off the phone with Aaron Walker. For a guy who been through all he has and who still has a long slog ahead of him, he sounds very upbeat and confident. We all own him a lot for what he has done and is doing to vindicate bloggers’ First Amendment rights. You can support that effort by clicking on one of the DONATE buttons on his website.

UPDATE 7—The Lonely Conservative wants YOU for the Army of Davids.

13 thoughts on “WOOT! #BrettKimberlin Loses!

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  2. First “Exhibit E” and now this.

    I KNEW Reynnolds ruled the internet.

    Does anybody think Team Kimberlin is stupid enough to go after the Blogfather?

    (I do)

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  5. A big day for the Bill of Rights and liberty. I am glad justice was done, at least in part. Congratulations Aaron!

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