Team Kimberlin Doesn’t Yet Get That It’s Pwned

The following tweets have appeared on #OccupyRebellion, a Kimberlin related account (H/T, Popehat):

You faked your swatting last week on the same day as your court case. Will you fake another one today now too? @AaronWorthing

By the time this is all said and done, you’ll probably be homeless on the streets. How is this a “win” for you? LOL @AaronWorthing

There’s still Brett suing you in civil court. This isn’t about the so-called 1st Amendment anymore. @AaronWorthing

People won’t be donating to you anymore. You now have to pay your own legal bills yourself. @AaronWorthing

Sooooo Breitbot predator @AaronWorthing thinks he “won” in court today against Brett Kimberlin. You are a shit lawyer if you think that.

The Kimberlin/Rauhauser tactic of pro se nuisance lawsuits aimed at being too expensive or too inconvenient to defend has met its match. Lots of bloggers are contributing to the defense of Aaron Walker, and a few bucks contributed many hundreds (or thousands) of times over is funding an in-depth defense by competent attorneys backed up by pro bono support from top notch experts in the field of First Amendment law. And we’ll back up anyone else Team Kimberlin falsely threatens.

Judge Rupp’s ruling today is the beginning of the end. The time to face the music approaches. Justice through blogging. And then the courts.

UPDATE—Aaron Walker comments:

According to Brett Kimberlin’s legal theory, what @OccupyRebellion has been doing for the last few months, to me and my friends, is harassment. So @OccupyRebellion should be glad that our respect for Freedom of Expression is greater than Brett Kimberlin’s.

One thought on “Team Kimberlin Doesn’t Yet Get That It’s Pwned

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