#BrettKimberlin v. Walker

Brett Kimberlin lost his attempt to have a Peace Order slapped on Aaron Walker in Montgomery County Circuit Court this morning. Judge Rupp ruled that nothing Mr. Walker had done, said, or written fell under the Maryland statutes relating to harassment, stalking, or Peace Orders.

Mr. Kimberlin made a number of … what’s the right word here? … ummm, interesting assertions in his presentation to the judge. Glenn Reynolds might be interested to know that Mr. Kimberlin believes that Mr. Walker has encouraged a right wing militia called an Army of Davids to harass him. Mr. Kimberlin also claimed under oath that he is not a terrorist and that he had nothing to do with any SWATting incident and does not know who might have caused any SWATting. Mr. Walker’s lawyer Reginald Bours made quick work of Kimberlin’s flimsy case; we bloggers own a hearty thanks to Mr. Bours for his work.

It ain’t over till it’s over. If his past actions are any guide, Brett Kimberlin will probably file an appeal. We need to keep up our support for Aaron Walker. While the net is tightening, it isn’t closed yet.

UPDATE—Thanks to Paul Gembicki for pointing out a typo.

UPDATE 2—Expanded coverage here.

5 thoughts on “#BrettKimberlin v. Walker

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