Neal Rauhauser’s Bio

Screed of Momus has an extensive biography of Neal Rauhaser posted. (H/T, @rsmccain) It’s a bizarre tale. A sample:

Don’t begrudge him his outrageous antics online, because they’re all he has left to go with his delusions of grandeur about a wind-powered ammonia plant on the outskirts of his hometown and a social networking effort that will return truly partisan progressives to a majority in Congress where they can re-make the country. Unfortunately, given the political realities of the present day, Neal’s dreams have absolutely no chance of being realized.

Jay Batman says he has the material from two years of Google Alerts on Mr. Rauhauser, and he will post more as he is able to assimilate it. If he’s going to keep at it, I hope he has plenty of Alka-Seltzer.

UPDATE–Stacy McCain reads the bio and asks:

What kind of creep publicly accuses his ex-wife — an accomplished professional academic administrator — of being an addict? What kind of creep would brag about using martial arts against a woman?

This kind, sir. This kind.

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