#BrettKimberlin Describes His “SWATting”

Brett Kimberlin’s Lord Voldemort’s SWATting is described in a post at Breitbart Unmasked (no, I will not link to it).

In this case a number of people have been implicated in calling officials to come out to his home to check complaints which have been “called in” to various officials, complaints that there is a violent criminal in the home threatening people in which investigators were dispatched to the scene to “check out” what was going on. In one such instance investigators were called using a special routing number that is only available in select states that routes calls to first responders that are not emergency 911 calls; rather they are calls that determine who the call should be directed to, including but not limited to police and or swat teams. In one such call the operator thought the call was suspicious in nature, and instead of routing the call to its intended recipient which was the police, the call was routed to investigators to do a “check” of the property to see whether or not a violent actor was present and or threatening people. In the audio above this is just but one call that has taken place around the area of Brett Kimberlin. Some of these calls have been traced to a location in Florida, and one such call was located to a phone number registered to one Martin Maher, who has called repeatedly to Mr. Kimberlin’s home asking to speak to his children and others in the home so he can tell them what kind of person Mr. Kimberlin is. The FBI of course has been monitoring these calls and this traffic since these events were started by Mr. Frey and Mr. Aaron Walker. Other threats have also been noted since Mr. Aaron Walker became hyper focused on Mr. Kimberlin.

Yeah. Sure. Special routing number. Uh, huh.

There’s an audio clip that is alleged to be on someone calling one of the Dark Lord’s neighbors warning them about living near the Speedway Bomber. It would be interesting to know whose voice it really is.

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