Story? What Story?

Stacy McCain is wondering aloud concerning the MSM’s lack of coverage of l’affaire Kimberlin. When Kimberlin was claiming to be Dan Quayle’s dope connection, some reporters were BFFs with him.

In the fall of 1988, when convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin was still locked up in federal prison and claiming to have sold dope to GOP vice presidential candidate Dan Quayle, every political reporter in the country wanted to write about Kimberlin. In his 1996 book, Mark Singer recounts how National Public Radio reporter Nina Totenberg spoke to Kimberlin two or three times every day in late October and early November 1988.
So why, 24 years later, are Nina Totenberg and the rest of the elite media ignoring what their old friend’s been up to lately?

Good question. But I don’t expect that we’ll be getting a straight answer any time soon.

Go read Stacy McCain’s post. It’s a good summary of his view of events to date.

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