Kimberlin v. Walker

The final hearing on Brett Kimberlin’s attempt to get a peace order against Aaron Walker is scheduled for 8:30 am Tuesday morning in the District Court of Montgomery County, Maryland. Stacy McCain has details and background here.

Mr. Walker is a lawyer, and he has the truth on his side, so he will probably do well, but it’s a shame that he’s had to go though all the nonsense that Kimberlin has thrown his way.

IANAL, so I have some questions that I hope get answered either at the hearing or soon thereafter.

1. Kimberlin denied in the previous hearing that his parole was revoked because of his failure to do anything toward satisfying the judgement Mrs. DeLong won against him. The record is quite clear that his parole was revoked and that his failure to pay Mrs. DeLong was at least one of the reasons. Why isn’t that perjury? If it is, will the matter be referred to the State’s Attorney for Montgomery County?

2. Mr. Kimberlin was serving a sentence of 50 years. By my reckoning, the sentence would be up around 2031. He’s been released. What is his status? Is he on parole? If so, is he supervised? Would perjury be grounds for revocation of parole?

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