Annular Eclipse of the Sun

This is a picture of the annular solar eclipse that occurred on 3 October, 2005. Tomorrow, 20 May, 2012, the Moon’s shadow move across the Earth. Observers within the 240-to-300 km wide shadow band will be able to view the resulting annular solar eclipse. Because the Moon is near apogee (the fairest point of its orbit) its apparent size will be too small to completely cover the Sun. The shadow path will begin in southern China, cross the northern Pacific, and reach well into North America, crossing the US west coast in southern Oregon and northern California. Along the route, Tokyo residents will be just 10 kilometers north of the path’s center line. Of course a partial eclipse will be visible from a much larger area within North America, the Pacific, and eastern Asia. I live in Maryland where the sun will set just before the eclipse begins. (Rats!)

If you intend to view the eclipse, do it safely! Find out how here and here.

Image Credit: sancho_panza

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