Tonight’s Score Card

It hasn’t been such a bad night for conservatives.

Richard Lugar has lost in Indiana by a 60/40 margin. It doesn’t pay to cross both the Tea Party and the NRA.

Kathleen Falk, the candidate favored by the unions who instigated the Wisconsin recall, lost her bid for the Democratic nomination to run against Gov. Walker. She received 37 percent of the vote in a five candidate field.

The Amendment One prohibiting same-sex “marriage” passed in North Carolina by a 58/42 margin. This one’s particularly interesting. Will the voters who went for Obama in 2008 but who voted for Amendment One stick with him this year? Also, if the Maryland same-sex “marriage” law is petitioned to referendum on the November ballot, how will that affect the votes of Catholic and black church-going voters?


UPDATE—And to add insult to injury, a federal convict ran against President Obama in the West Virginia primary and got about the same percentage of the vote than same-sex “marriage” did in North Carolina.

3 thoughts on “Tonight’s Score Card

  1. It was a bad night for everyone. Amendment 1 banned civil unions for gay couples and even domestic partnerships for straight people.

  2. Joesix, I do believe that your “avatar” once was used by Kurt Vonnegut. How appropriate !

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