Possible Unintended Consequences

The Anchoress has a post up called Pretending Contraception is a Crisis. Someone named kevin made this comment (H/T, Instapundit):

The audacity of this Fluke person and her testimony has had me thinking. We all know that the medical community has recognized the benefits of red wine for the human heart. Resveratrol is found in the tannins apparently. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Therefore I think it is high time that insurance policies cover red wine. Does the Obama administration have any idea what a good bottle of cabernet sauvignon costs? I spend at least $3000 a year on red wine a year and it’s breaking the bank. So please Kathleen Sebelius, include free red wine in the HHS mandate. Let’s eradicate heart disease once and for all!

Of course, if they cover red wine, they will probably need to cover contraception (the need for it will surely increase).

This brings up another problem related to the “eat your broccoli” question. Will members of Alcoholics Anonymous be required to drink their daily glass of red wine?

Just asking’.

UPDATE—J. E. Dyer explores linking sex, food, and the government.

If government treated obesity the way it treats sex, it would encourage schoolchildren to explore their enjoyment of Twinkies, Oreos, and moon pies …

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