Useful Browser Extensions

(H/T, Vodkapundit for both)

Do Not Track Plus It’s a free browser plugin for the most commonly used browsers. Not only does it block companies from tracking your web browsing, it really speeds up your page load times. BTW, other than asking for your email address if you comment at Hogewash!, I don’t keep track of visitors. However, DNT+ shows that four companies attempt to track me when I view this page. DNT+ blocks all of them.

Bonus for Safari users—JavaScript Blacklist It easily lets you blacklist entire web domains from running JavaScripts. For example,

  • – modifies copy-pasted text
  • – green links with double-underlines
  • – green links with double-underlines
  • – link previews

Here are a few more that are a bit borderline. JavaScript Blacklist does not block these by default, but you can easily add them in the preferences.

  • – toolbar at top of page, with search box
  • – toolbar at bottom of page, with links to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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