Nancy Pelosi Calls for Defeat of the “Do Nothing” Congress

Forget Democrats, for the good of the country, I think it’s really important for the President to make the race he is running against the do-nothing Congress.

And as Jazz Shaw points out in this post, this isn’t something that The Onion invented.

Ah, Mrs. Pelosi, are you sure that you want the President campaigning to turn out the “do nothing” Congress? Do you remember which house has been passing bills and which house hasn’t even bothered to pass a budget for nearly three years? Do you remember which house is controlled by a majority of your party?

There’s been a thing going around for the last few years about the Republicans being the Stupid Party. When I read comments like the one above, I wonder if that brand isn’t being taken over by the other side.

3 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Calls for Defeat of the “Do Nothing” Congress

    • I am aware of what a filibuster is. I remember how Democrats in the Senate filibustered the Civil Rights bills in the ’60s. I can’t recall Senator Reid bringing a budget bill to the floor during the past three years–let alone a filibuster of such a bill.

  1. Pelosi may not be great but that doesn’t make her wrong. The stalls in congress over the past decade have been passively destroying this country. It’s because their agendas are at odds with the agendas of their funders. The true issue that needs to be addressed is election reform. Keeping corporations and Super PACs from influencing the outcome. Maybe then we’d get a congress with some tread on their tires.

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