The Long Game

Wayne LaPierre has an editorial at the Daily Caller fretting about President Obama’s not-very-well-hidden agenda concerning gun control. As he correctly points out, those of us who support the Bill of Rights need to keep our eyes on the ball and stay engaged during the 2012 election season.

Stephen Green sees Mr. LaPierre and raises him. The Vodkapundit notes that gun control is not the President’s only stealth issue.

Obama always plays the long the game. He did it against Hillary Clinton in the primaries, carefully picking up caucuses while she focused primarily on the big states. He did it with bin Laden. It worked both times. And don’t forget that Fast & Furious was all about killing Mexicans in order to stir up support for more gun control.

2013 to 2017 could be a real disaster if we get Obama II. Read the whole thing—paying particular attention to the long quote from Charles Krauthammer.

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