Facts? What Facts? Oh, Those Facts!

Allahpundit has a post up shaking his head over the silliness of a Frank Rich piece that tries to recycle the failed idea that the JFK assassination was a right-wing plot. This brings to mind a second Dorothy L. Sayers quote for today. She gave Bunter these words:

My old mother always used to say, my lord, that facts are like cows. If you stare them in the face hard enough, they generally run away.

Stare away, Mr. Rich.

UPDATE–Bryan Preston adds this in a post at PJ Media:

… Frank Rich. His column shows that in all the decades since Kennedy’s murder, the left has never really changed. They blamed Dallas for Kennedy’s death then, and they blame Sarah Palin and conservatives for the senseless shooting in Tucson this year. The facts of the story change, but the smear stays the same. Frank Rich blames “hate” for both, but the only hate on display is his own.

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