The Rumor du Jour

There’s a rumor going around that President Obama is laying plans to attack Iran’s nuclear program. The basis seems to be a report in the British press that the UK is preparing its forces to participate in such an action. Ed Morrissey has a good summary here.

Mr. Morrissey points out the damage that the President would do to his political base if he went ahead with such an attack. That’s why I don’t believe an American attack is being seriously considered.

That doesn’t mean that an attack isn’t under consideration, and not necessarily by Israel. How about a UK/France tag team? They were just successful (sorta, kinda, mostly) in Libya. They both have cruise missile capability. The SAS could handle ground recon. The French still have an aircraft carrier. Both countries have been on the receiving end of Iranian-inspired terrorism. And it might improve Sarkozy’s standing in the polls.

Hmmm …

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