Earth Calling Alter, Over

Jonathan Alter has a piece up at Bloomberg where he asserts that the Obama administration has been miraculously free of scandal.

[T]he president’s Teflon is intriguing.

Mr. Alter must be living on a different planet from me. Fast and Furious. Bad Karma (made in Finland). Black Panther voter intimidation. CLASS Act. I could go on and on. It’s not that there’s no dirt; the MSM is doing its best to keep it away from the President. We don’t really know if he’s Teflon-coated. Little sticks because little has been applied.

UPDATE—Tina Korbe comments at Hot Air:

Instead of marveling at the Obama miracle, maybe Alter ought to do a little reporting himself.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE 2—It dawns on me that one might consider the Obama administration relatively scandal free considering its roots in Chicago machine politics, but that really isn’t the point of view of Alter’s piece.

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