Do I Hear the Bus Warming Up?

The Daily Caller has a post up about four more Congresscritters calling for AG Holder’s head resignation. (H/T Shall Not Be Questioned)

The first few pebbles were rolling, and now they’re picking up more stones as the slide continues. How quickly will it grow to an avalanche?

If all the cabinet-level blame can be dumped on Holder, the White House would be wise to get him under the bus and thoroughly run over before the election season get in full swing.

UPDATE–Holder agrees to testify.

UPDATE 2–More at Main Justice.

UPDATE 3–Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the Oversight Committee, is asking to hear from the former Acting Director of the ATF as well. CBS News has this.

UPDATE 4–The count of Congresscritters asking for Holder to go is up to 17, and the NRA has joined in.

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