Close Enough For Government Work?

Andrew Klavan has an interesting analysis of the Republican Presidential candidates in which finds that, when real world limitations are taken into account, Romney is least bad. The problem is that he’s not good enough. Read the whole thing.

As Mr. Klavan says, the problem is a lack of clear vision of where the country is and where it needs to go. President Reagan had his faults, but he understood that radical change was necessary. For example, he saw the need to move past containment of communism in foreign affairs. His view of how to handle the cold war was “we win.” Neither Mr. Klavan nor I see that sort of clear thinking in Romney.

[W]e need a man not just of policies but of vision, not just of proposals but of high ideals. A mere Romney might — might — take us back from the brink to which Obama has sped us, but that would only delay the fatal catastrophe. Worse, it would perforce recreate the exact same set of circumstances that got us into this mess in the first place.

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