What to Do About Iran?

Joe Biden says that the consequences to Iran for the plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington will be “serious.” While he said in an ABC News interview that nothing is off the table, the administration seems, so far, to be doing the usual tightening of sanctions dance.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Let’s give ’em another dose of that stuff that didn’t work before.

Ed Morrissey points out that President Obama could learn something from Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton got it right when he bombed Baghdad in 1993 in response to the plot to kill George H. W. Bush during his visit to Kuwait — a plot that didn’t involve attacking on US soil. It was a measured, appropriate response to the provocation.

Thugs and bullies learn in the school of hard knocks. If we wish to be left alone, they must be made to understand that it is too costly to pick on us. If we are unwilling to deliver that message, then we have only ourselves to blame for what comes our way next.

UPDATE–Direct military action isn’t necessarily the preferred response, but firmly squeezing Iran’s interests and allies certainly is part of what’s needed. Barry Rubin comments over at Pajamas Media:

The point is not to go to war with Iran but to oppose Iranian interests and allies everywhere, including the use of covert operations. Challenge Iranian agents of influence in Lebanon and Iraq. Containment is not just about nuclear weapons for Tehran but about the spreading influence of that regime.

That also means the United States must seem like a strong and determined leader. It must have very serious credibility. And it will have to identify revolutionary Islamism as the enemy.

Look, this is the Obama Administration we are talking about. I don’t think they can do it. Hopefully, the next president can do so. There better be a next president in sight because there are a lot more crises on the way.

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