Good Art

To take a strictly leftist or conservative approach to culture is to live half blind. Trust in God and affection for mankind demand, it seems to me, that we allow every life that is not vicious to live itself out in its own way. That philosophy is not only what makes me an American conservative, it’s what allows me to enjoy good art of every kind.

So says Andrew Klavan in a post titled Why Left-Wing Artists Should Not Be All Put to Death. Read the whole thing.

But before you go to read that post, let me add a couple of thoughts.

First, we should remember that God loves us and wants us to love Him. The choice to love requires freewill, so in order to allow us to be able to love, God respects our freewill. He lets us take silly or stupid choices. If we want to be godly, then we must make the same allowances for others. Thus, Mr. Klavan is right on when he wants to allow each life to find its own way.

Second, God enjoys a good time and beauty. Look at how Jesus is described in the Gospels. His first recorded miracle was turning water into wine so that a party could continue. Or listen to how He reflects on beauty in nature in Matthew 6 (“Consider the lilies of the field …”)

So enjoy art where you find it. Some of it (such as the movie Bonnie and Clyde) may have troubling aspects, but good art holds a mirror up to life and shows us both the good and the bad.

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