Definitely Wrong

Andrew Klavan has had post up for several days that argues that President Obama isn’t evil so much as he’s simply wrong about many things. I agree that the President often takes wrong decisions. Why does he?

It seems to me that there are four reasons why someone does the wrong thing–stupidity, ignorance, carelessness, or malice.

Some people are well to the left side of the intelligence bell curve. They are incapable of thinking thing through clearly so they do unwise things. There isn’t a cure for stupidity.

All of us are ignorant about something from time to time. We don’t always have all of the information needed to choose to do the right thing. This can stem from a lack of experience or education. We may have been misinformed. We are likely to choose the wrong path if we don’t have the right road map, but ignorance can be cured by a dose of the facts.

Some folks may be aware of the facts, but don’t care. Through laziness or sloppiness or whatever they allow (or abet) bad results.

Some people are aware of the facts surrounding a situation, including the harm a potential action may cause another person, and choose to cause that harm in order to receive some personal benefit. That is malicious.

Clearly, someone acting out of malice is evil. Someone acting out of carelessness at least may be abetting evil, and may, if the carelessness is a conscious choice, be doing evil as well.

I can’t read the President’s heart. I’ll leave it to the Gentle Reader to form his own view of the matter. But I do agree with Klavan that we don’t need to make up things about Mr. Obama. The bare truth about his performance is bad enough.


It is perfectly monstrous the way people go about nowadays, saying things against one behind one’s back that are absolutely true.

—Oscar Wilde


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