Imperial Motorcades

Mark Steyn has a piece over at National Review Online about the relative life styles of the rich and famous—in this case the U. S. President v. European royalty.  One point he makes is that President Obama’s 40-car motorcades are over the top.  He suggests that something on the scale of President Coolidge’s motorcades would be in order.  Here’s a picture of one of Silent Cal’s:

There are two, count ’em, two vehicles in the entourage.  Perhaps that is a bit skimpy. FDR had five vehicles in his typical motorcade.  The closed car to the rear appears to be a communication vehicle. Note the radio antenna on the fender.

President Eisenhower typically made do with four vehicles.

I’d like to see the President cut back, and Coolidge’s level of ostentation would be great, but I’d be willing to settle for motorcades on the scale of FDR’s and Ike’s.

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