Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Brett Kimberlin created the Breitbart Unmasked website in 2012, and used it to attack his perceived enemies. Here’s an example of a false post from six years ago today.The Gentle Reader will note that the second paragraph in the BU post mentions some embedded audio that is no longer in the post. There were two problems with that audio. The first was that it had been edited to create a false record. The second was that it’s a violation Maryland Court Rules to publish courtroom audio recordings.

Publication of printed transcripts are OK, and when I made the printed record available, the embedded audio was taken down.

Breitbart Unmasked. It’s my prime source for news, hearsay, lies and innuendo. Oh, yeah. Smears, too!

—Bill Schmalfeldt

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

This episode of Blognet first ran seven years ago today.

* * * * *

BlognetTitleCardMUSIC: Theme. Intro and fade under.

NARRATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to hear is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

MUSIC: Up, then under …

NARRATOR: You’re a Detective Sergeant. You’re assigned to Internet Detail. A blogger has been accused of stalking and harassment. Your job … get the facts.

MUSIC: Up then under …

ANNOUNCER: Blognet … the documented drama of an actual case. For the next few minutes, in cooperation with the Twitter Town Sheriff’s Department, you will travel step by step on the side of the good guys through an actual case transcribed from official files. From beginning to end, from crime to punishment, Blognet is the story of the good guys in action.

MUSIC: Up and out. Continue reading

The Other Podcast

Stacy McCain, Dianna Deeley, and I will be at our mics at 7 pm ET for the next episode of the The Other Podcast Live. Join us on Podbean.

Likely topics include Chekists, Checkists, and Crazy People Are Dangerous™.

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Stacy McCain, John Hoge, and Dianna Deeley discuss the week's news.
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Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Today is the seventh anniversary of the Circuit Court for Montgomery County upholding the denial of the the peace order petition Brett Kimberlin filed against me on behalf of Tetyana Kimberlin’s elder daughter alleging that I was harassing her by reporting truthful information about Brett Kimberlin’s past and present activities.


I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

The Daily Mail reports a child sex abuse center at Johns Hopkins University has hired a trans professor, who was forced to resign from Virginia school for defending pedophiles as “minor attracted persons.” Allyn Walker will start work as a postdoctoral fellow for the school later this month at a center aimed at preventing child sexual abuse.

Forget it, Gentle Reader. It’s Baltimore.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

This post On Libel from eight years ago today dealt with one on of the more bizarre twists of The Saga of the Dread Deadbeat Pirate Pro-Se Kimberlin and his crew.

* * * * *

Libel is the publication in print (including pictures); writing; or broadcast through radio, television, or film; of an untruth about someone which will do harm to that person or his reputation by tending to bring the target into ridicule, hatred, scorn, or contempt from others.

Just as there are persons whose reputation is so bad that they can’t be defamed (Charles Manson, for example), there are people whose credibility is so poor that no one in his right mind really believes what they say (a real world Joe Isuzu); such people can’t actually defame anyone.

It’s really quite sad to be dealing with someone who reputation and credibility are so poor that he fits both categories.

* * * * *

No one affiliated with Team Kimberlin has come out ahead as a result of their campaign of lawfare and cyberthuggery.

When THE Science Follows THE Narrative

OK, I suppose being misinformed could cause someone to make a poor choice about one’s health.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Brett Kimberlin claimed that he has a lawyer willing to represent him pro bono in the filling of a petition for a writ of certiorari seeking to appeal the his recent loss in the Seventh Circuit.As of close of business yesterday, nothing is on the public docket at the Supreme Court’s website. However, Kimberliin has several week’s left before the filing window closes.

Stay tuned.

The Frustration of Fauxcahontas

Fauxcahontas is ranting about the results of today’s abortion vote in the Senate. The bill went down 49-51. (But of course, wrong votes aren’t supposed to count in “Our Democracy.”}

Umm, that wasn’t the work of a minority. The larger group of votes were nays.

Also, Cocaine Mitch didn’t bother with a filibuster against a losing bill. Indeed, it was in the Republican’s interest to allow most of the Democrats to vote in favor of killing babies.

Overreach. Desperation. Panic. It’s going to be an interesting campaign season.