A Real Consequence of Hacked Email

Over at PJ Media, Richard Fernandez has an excellent analysis of one of the real consequences of Hillary Clinton’s irresponsible email habits.

Years ago the Hillary campaign boasted that when the 3 o’clock in the morning phone call came, Hillary would be ready. What she’ll be ready for, she didn’t say. Now the chances are that when the phone rings at 3:00 a.m., it will be Putin calling her on her private line, on the number she never gave him.

Read the whole thing.

Thanks for the Links

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Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I’ll just leave these right here.4D00359930 redacted0D00359863 redacted

UPDATE—There’s a bit of incorrect information floating through the comment section. Since I’ve seen the process from both sides, let me describe what’s going on.

First, the Kimberlins have been charged with crimes. That’s what the District Commissioner does, review the evidence and determining that there is probable cause that a crime was committed. Charging documents have been issued, either summonses or warrants. The Maryland Judiciary Case Search shows that the Commissioner issued summonses to the Kimberlins.

Next, a copy of the paperwork is sent to the law enforcement agency responsible for serving or arresting the persons charged, and a copy is sent to the State’s Attoney’s Office for the county.

In Montgomery County, the County Police will execute an arrest warrant, but they generally will not serve a summons. Instead, a notice will be sent of a court date for an arraignment hearing, and the summons will be served at the District Courthouse on that date.

The State’s Attorney’s Office will investigate the case and decide what action they plan to take. They have three options. The first is to prosecute. The second is to place the case on hold, a process called stet. The third is to decline to prosecute by entering nolle prosequi.