Common Sense Gun Law Repealed

22LR-207x300One of the “common sense” gun control laws inflicted on the us here the Democratic Peoples Republic of Maryland has been repealed. The State Police will no longer be collecting a fired shell casing from each new handgun sold in the state. After 15 years, around $5,000,000, and not a single solved crime, the program will end. The State Police have not yet decided what to do with the 340,000 shell casings lurking in the basement at the Headquarters in Pikesville.

The best solution would probably be to sell the three rooms full of brass as scrap metal. That way, the shell casing from my .22 target pistol can be recycled into something useful.

BTW, swapping the barrel and firing pin on a handgun with parts from others of the same model easily defeats the system.

Bloomberg Fails to Buy an Election

Michael Bloomberg poured roughly $700,000 into one Virginia state senatorial race, and his guy lost today. The Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund ad buy was the largest one of the campaign.

Yep. The Democrats really, really, really need to keep pushing gun control as an issue.

UPDATE—Democrat Dan Gecker (Bloomberg’s boy) had not conceded to his opponent, Glen Sturtevant. The Democrats are making noise about “irregularities” because they thought they had the thing bought and paid for because Republican turnout was so heavy. However, Sturtevant won with 49.8% of the vote to Gecker’s 47.1% (a Libertarian, and Independent, and write-ins got the rest). That spread is beyond the margin of theft that Democrats often rely on, so this should be a real win for the Republicans.

UPDATE 2—Over at Shall Not Be Infringed, Sebastian asks this question about Bloomberg’s money:

Imagine if he had spent that money on malaria drugs for kids in poor countries instead of spending it to screw fellow Americans out of their Constitutional birthright.

Yeah. Imagine that.

The President on Gun Control

Barack Obama has been talking up the idea of more “common sense” gun control. I remember that he said he did want to take away anyone’s guns when he ran for President in 2008.

He also said “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. Period.”

Inconvenient Statistics

Eugene Volokh has run the numbers, and it turns out that there is no significant correlation between the strictness of gun laws and homicide rates. (There is a slight correlation between strict gun laws and higher homicide rates, but that inconvenient result isn’t strong enough to be significant.)

Of course, correlation isn’t causation, but the lack of correlation is a good indicator of a lack of causation.

But since people have been talking about simple two-variable correlations between gun laws and crime, I thought it would be helpful to note this correlation — or, rather, absence of correlation.

Read the whole thing.

There were a couple of details in Prof. Volokh’s article that I found interesting. Tennessee, my home state which has relatively good (i.e., non-restrictive) gun laws, has essentially the same homicide rate as Maryland where I live now and which has some of the heaviest restrictions on firearms.

The Loopholes in Hillary’s Gun Control Proposal

As reported by the New York Times, Mrs. Clinton’s gun control proposal contains these nonsense points.

A central issue in Mrs. Clinton’s proposals are the background checks on prospective gun buyers, which are required for retailers at stores. But under federal law, they are not required at gun shows or over the Internet with private sellers.

Mostly false. Gun sales between private parties do not require a federal background check. This includes face-to-face transactions at a gun show in most circumstances. However, if the gun show transaction (private party or dealer) involves the sale of a hand gun and the buyer is from out-of-state, the transaction must be made using a licensed gun dealer in the buyer’s home state which will result in a background check. Also, if the seller at the gun show is a licensed dealer, he must complete the usual check. The same restrictions apply to Internet sales (or classified ads in a newspaper).

Mrs. Clinton will suggest urging Congress to end another loophole, by which people with felony records who should be barred from obtaining a gun can get one if their background check is not completed within three days. That loophole was how Dylann Roof, the accused killer in Charleston, obtained his weapon despite a felony conviction for a drug arrest.

Mostly Nonsense. It is already a crime for a felon to posses a firearm. No felon is likely to answer truthfully about his background on the ATF transaction form. If he did, any dealer would stop the sale immediately without bothering to call in to the NICS. Rather than catching a significant number of felons, this could delay purchases by qualified buyers. Self-defense is a human right that predates the Second Amendment. Any government action aimed at impinging on that right should be subject to strict scrutiny. Perhaps some bad guys will get guns, but so will lots of women threatened by stalkers.

Why don’t the hoplophobes just cut to the chase and try to repeal the Second Amendment?

Common Sense Crime Control

Which of these is more likely to deter a criminal?WhichOne

Banning Stuff

It’s the sort of thing you hear from the National Rum Association: Booze doesn’t kill people. Drunk drivers kill people. Yet, we allow alcohol-related car crashes to kill around 10,000 people every year in the United States. Clearly, the time has come to do something. It’s time ban alcohol. It time to …